RFC Container Company is not your average box manufacturer.  Our company was born in the produce industry. We are a family owned and operated business with direct ties to farming. RFC founders Mario and Tom Russo come from generations of farmers and began farming with their fathers when they were just young boys, and Russo Farms is still in the family and operating successfully. This means that at RFC we can truly relate to everyone in the produce business.

We combine a history of knowing what works and applying that to the evolving requirements necessary for the growers, as well as everyone down the line to the end consumer. We manufacture all types of produce boxes, self-locking cartons, hand set-up trays, as well as machine set-up boxes, available in any board grade, dry, curtain coated, or fully waxed. We make all sizes of boxes so whatever it is you grow or pack we have the right carton to fit your needs. Our boxes are available in stock prints with your name on it or with a custom logo that represents your farm. Remember, at RFC we understand your needs, because our boxes are made for farmers by farmers.