We Offer a Spectrum of Services
to Serve Your Packaging Needs.

Corrugated Boxes
We manufacture a complete range of corrugated packaging products. A variety of different sizes and styles are offered, and all are available in single-wall or double-wall construction, thickness or “flutes”, and in multiple board grades that offer various strengths to compliment you unique product.

Waxed Boxes
Corrugated boxes are available fully waxed dipped or cascaded, as well as curtain coated boxes which  a layer of wax is applied to one or both sides of your corrugated package.

High Resolution Direct Printing
With our Seven Color Process printer/die cutter, we can print up to seven colors including a high gloss varnish, printing directly onto the corrugated board during the die cutting process. The benefit is that it is all done in one process, minimizing machine time making it more cost effective. This also eliminates the need for expensive litho-lables or large commitments to pre-printed roll stock.

Custom folded/glued boxes
With our folder/gluer machine we have the capability to take any corrugated die cut and convert it into a multitude of specialized packaging including auto-lock and 1,2,3,4 bottoms, built in dividers and partitions, telescoping boxes, gift boxes, display trays, 6-pack beer style carriers, as well as many other custom glue joints and intricate folds made to fit your unique needs and specifications.

At every step, you will be assisted and guided by a member of our experienced customer service staff. You can visit during any part of the design process to partner in the effort. Your customer service representative will keep you in the loop by phone, fax, or email. You will receive written proposals, sketches, samples for approval, firm specs, pricing, and schedules. You will always have a prime contact at RFC.

Package Consulting
You may know exactly what package you need – maybe a common size Regular Slotted Carton (RSC), or a standard box for your particular industry. If so, we can offer quick turn around with pricing and delivery.  Sometimes it’s not that simple. If needed our packaging engineers will review your product, your budget, and your schedule and offer a custom package that will be the most efficient solution.

Custom Package Design
With access to a vast library of RFC designs, our designers can often find one that will meet your requirements as is or be adapted to your specs. If not, using our Computer Aided Design systems, they can craft a completely new design for your approval. Whether a stock or custom design, you’ll want your package to be printed.

Graphic Design
Our designers can start from scratch or work with your company’s artwork. Either way they will create a package that communicates, identifies, and enhances your company’s image. Once our equipment starts rolling and packages come off the line, you may want to take advantage of.

At your request, we can store your completed packaging, ready for drop shipment to your manufacturing or shipping facilities. With today’s emphasis on lean manufacturing, your inventory strategy may also involve a commitment.

Just-in-Time Delivery
We’re experienced in integrating our shipping schedules with customers needs; we’ll make sure your packages will be where you want them, when you want them.