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vWhat are the advantages of using a cardboard display?? Cardboard counter displays are low-cost yet extremely versatile displays for any retail store, event or trade show. They can be shaped to resemble practically anything. in addition they are simple to setup and transport. Because corrugated display stands are flexible and strong, they can be cut and glued in almost any

One of the best ways to ensure customers will continue to look to your business as the experts in your field is to have amazing customer service. Customer service, from the moment a customer first clicks on your site, or enters your store, all the way up until after they have received their final products, can make or break a

Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability (GPPS) In an effort to help companies reduce the environmental impact of their packaging, the Global Packaging Project has released the Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability (GPPS), which sets out a common language and simple metrics to enable the consumer goods industry to better assess the relative sustainability of packaging. To read further information please

Depending on your product always be sure to factor in extra room for packaging protection – usually an extra inch on either side which can amount up to two extra inches in each dimension.  For items such as clothing, blankets etc that don’t require additional protection, an exact size will do. Be sure to use a packing tape that is

The packaging industry has boomed with the coming of revolutionary packaging materials in the market.  The latest available goods for packaging are made using materials that were never used before and have multiplied the benefits of packaging goods on an industrial level.  The materials being referred to in this piece are Corrugated Boxes.  Corrugated Boxes are named so referring to

Keeping green while keeping budgets in the black

Green for the environment – while keeping budgets in the black The corrugated business has been flourishing for over 100 years, through economic good times and bad – because cost-effective packaging and shipping containers are always needed protect the products that keep our economy running. In addition: Corrugated is sourced, manufactured, converted, sold and distributed domestically and exported in the

Electric Consumption

The United States currently uses about 4,000 billion kWh/year of electricity which includes industry usage, and about 98 Quadrillion btu/year (30,000 billion kWh).  According to data collected from 2010 the US is the 2nd largest energy consumer in terms of total use and ranks seventh in energy consumption per-capita after Canada and a number of small nations. Not included is the

Low Environmental Impact

There is little if any dispute about the fact that shipping is the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation.  According to a recent report international maritime shipping accounts for 2.7% of the annual global greenhouse gas emissions. According to analysis by the Swedish Network for Transport and the Environment, shipping also produces fewer exhaust gas emissions – to include nitrogen oxides,

What is the Sustainable Forestry Initiative?

What is the Sustainable Forestry Initiative? When a consumer sees the SFI label on products they know they are buying something made from fiber that is sourced responsibly and backed by an independent 3rd party audit.   When it comes to the conservation of forests, third-party certification has become an essential tool to promote sustainable practices and drive positive results on